Cà tím mỡ hành

This quichồng and easy eggplant dish is one of my classic recipes that uses very few ingredients lớn pachồng in the flavor. Although it"s called grilled eggplant with scallion oil, I often pop my eggplants in a ripping hot oven for a quichồng dish. The nướng in cà tím nướng mỡ bụng hành can mean lớn grill or to lớn bake, so feel miễn phí to lớn use either method!

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Grilled Eggplant With Scallion Oil (Cà Tím Nướng Mỡ Hành) is a quiông xã and easy (almost) vegetarian dish.

I love making this dish in the summer, when Japanese or Chinese eggplants are abundant at the farmer"s market. These long, thin eggplant varieties are extremely creamy once cooked & are the best kind of eggplant for this dish.

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With so few ingredients, you want lớn buy the best produce possible lớn really appreciate all of the simple flavors of the dish.

The eggplant is complemented with a super simple scallion oil và a salty, spicy fish sauce dressing. Wilting the scallions makes a super fragrant oil, which pairs extremely well with the savory, salty spicy fish sauce.

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