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What is Windows server Essentials 2016?


Your business has a small size, a moderate number of employees from 25 or less, which hệ thống should you choose to lớn suit the characteristics and size of your business? The advice we want khổng lồ give you is Windows vps Essentials 2016 . Why do we recommend that you choose such a server? khổng lồ find out what is the reason? Readers, please follow our article below!


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1/ What is Windows vps Essentials 2016?


Windows vps Essentials is Microsoft's server solution provider for trang chủ and other small businesses. Designed for ease of use for small businesses with little-to-no IT support, it demonstrates the company's dedication to serving that market.


Easy on both sides:


– Easy to install: Microsoft has successfully developed & mastered the process of running & operating Windows vps Essentials. The user is shown a checklist of the thiết đặt and performance of this server. – Easy khổng lồ manage: the control panel for Window hệ thống Essentials is simple and easy even for non-IT professionals.

We will explain the structure of the numbered components in the figure above:


– Navigation bar (number 1): click an thắng lợi on the Navigation Bar lớn access information và tasks related to lớn that section. Each time the Control Panel is opened, the default homepage is displayed.


– Section Window (No. 2): This display window has an area that provides quick access lớn information and configuration tools. They help you phối up và customize the servers. Tap an tác phẩm to display tasks and resources related khổng lồ that category.


– Tasks Panel (No. 3): This window displays links to tasks & information that apply lớn selected items. Tap a task or resource lớn display more information.


– Action(No. 4): This window provides a brief mô tả tìm kiếm of a feature or task, and provides link to open configuration wizards and information pages. Click a liên kết for more action.

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Here is a working example of the console:


In addition to lớn easy-to-use features, Microsoft integrates many features that are especially useful for users. What features are those? Let's find out in the section below!


2/ Advantages of businesses when using Microsoft vps Essentials 2016:


The ease of use of Windows vps Essentials can be said to lớn be its most outstanding strength:


– Shared folders: sharing files in shared folders is at the core of vps technology và ready lớn go when you install Windows server Essentials.


– Users and groups: if you are going to giới thiệu folders & files, you need lớn set permissions. Và the way for you to vì that is to set up user groups.


– Integration with service and application organizations: realizing that the small business target market would not be able lớn have in-house implementations of Exchange, SharePoint, SQL Server, & Windows hệ thống Update Services, Microsoft has making it easy lớn integrate hosted versions of users via the control panel. Integration options also include Office 365 & Windows Azure.


– Storage space: this super handy feature allows you to lớn manage your storage servers with the largest amount of space. That's a much larger managed storage space, suitable for Windows hệ thống Essentials.


– truyền thông media sharing: nói qua photos, videos & music over the network or the Internet.


– Remote access:  this utility allows your employees to lớn work with remote access capabilities. This is a feature of Windows vps Essentials, setting up remote access is easier than ever, & you can even manage access for mobile devices.


Backup: Windows Essential hệ thống can be configured lớn back up both file servers & client files (ie Windows 8 computers connected to the network).


– Health Reporting: monitor any part of, or run by, your server. You can mix up alerts and reports as well.


BranchCache: This integration allows you khổng lồ reduce mạng internet usage & speed up data access by locally caching data coming from external sources.

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With convenient features on choosing Windows Essential hệ thống is really perfect for your business. Windows Essential vps brings many advantages khổng lồ businesses such as ease of installation, management and use.


System Requirements Windows hệ thống Essentials 2016 :


CPU: intel Xeon E5-1650

Memory: 512MB

Free Disk Space: 32GB or more

OS Drive: 480GB SSD RAID 1 or better

Processor: 1.4GHZ 64-bit

Optical Drive: DVD-ROM Drive


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